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You will find our hair salon at Dorpstraat 35 in Veldhoven. Kapsalon Hechmi combines the cozy vibe from our beautiful village with the professional treatments and products you expect from a good hairdresser.

At Kapsalon Hechmi you choose for a hairdresser who only uses professional products from Keune.

Do you want advice regarding your haircut, or are you looking for the products that you can use at home for the care of your hair? Make an appointment for a treatment, or just come in for a nice chat with a good cup of coffee.kapsalon hechmi logo

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We work with stylists who each excel in their own specialization such as haircuts, colors, styling and barber treatments.


You and your children can visit our ladies and gentlemen's salon. Your hair is cut to the desired style, and finally the hair could be washed and model-dried.


A complete haircut with clipper, scissors, trimming the beard, shaving your neck, eyebrows ... you name it. Your hair is then styled with the blow dryer and finishing touches with gel, wax or pomade.


Blow-drying your hair is suitable for all hair types and the treatment can make even the most dry, fluffy hairstyle shine again.


Together with you we will find a suitable color for your hair. Your hair or outgrowth is then dyed by the beautiful colors of Keune Tinta Color.

Hair Treatment

Hair damage is a common circumstance that many people experience. Nowadays, many salon treatments are offered and it's good to know which one works for your hair condition.


Make an appointment at Kapsalon Hechmi or just drop by for advice on all your treatments and products.

Haircut by barber in Veldhoven


Prices for long and short hair differ.


  • Haircut €26
  • Coloring €32
  • highlights. €35
  • Blow dry €22
  • setting €20


  • haircut €22
  • haircut 65+ €18
  • buzz cut €15
  • Beard trim €7
  • Contours €10

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